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Jeremy Houghton

Renowned British artist Jeremy Houghton embarks on captivating artistic odysseys, his brushstrokes traversing realms of light, space, and the fluidity of time. His canvases illuminate with subjects suspended in moments of ethereal beauty, their movements echoing whispers of flight. Houghton's iconic flamingo series, born from his South African sojourn, not only mesmerizes with its vibrant hues but also serves as a poignant tribute to the endangered avian species.

Following a recent pilgrimage to the Kalahari Desert in 2023, Houghton's latest opus emerges, adorned with gilded accents, a poignant reflection on the rarity of life amidst the sands. While his focus predominantly gravitates towards the flamingo, Houghton's illustrious career spans two decades of documenting the narratives of esteemed communities, from Windsor Castle's regal inhabitants to the spirited athletes of Wimbledon and the 2012 London Olympics.

His nuanced compositions, steeped in a restrained palette, become symphonies of motion, each stroke a melodic exploration of flight and fluidity. Guided by the Japanese aesthetic principle of 'ma', Houghton orchestrates a delicate dance between presence and absence, inviting viewers to revel in the luminous interplay of figuration and abstraction within his meticulously crafted realms.

Jeremy Houghton
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