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Wooden Carvings in a Monastery

Why The Collector's Room Exists?

In an ever-evolving art world, where the traditional gallery model faces unprecedented challenges, The Collector's Room was born out of a profound desire to bridge the gap and empower artists. Our founder, Milena Brown, is not only a seasoned marketing and PR guru with over two decades of experience but also the former Managing Director of one of Miami's most prominent art galleries. Her extensive industry knowledge and unwavering passion for art led her to recognize a critical need within the artistic community.


As the art market rapidly shifted towards direct artist-to-collector transactions in the digital realm, a significant segment of immensely talented artists faced a daunting reality. Many lacked the necessary resources, knowledge, or means to market themselves effectively. 

Milena Brown keenly observed the untapped potential of countless artists whose works remained hidden from the world, simply because they didn't know where to begin. In response to this pressing issue, she embarked on a transformative journey, giving birth to The Collector's Room.

At The Collector's Room, we extend an open invitation to artists from around the globe. Our mission is clear: to empower artists with the essential marketing tools and expert guidance they need to showcase their creations and connect with collectors who share a profound appreciation for their work. We firmly believe that every artist deserves the chance to shine, and every collector should have the opportunity to discover and support exceptional talent.

Through our curated platform, artists find a home where their creativity and potential are nurtured. The Collector's Room isn't just a website; it's a dynamic community where artists are celebrated, collectors are intrigued, and the beauty of art is shared, cherished, and sustained.

Meet Our Staff

The Heart and Sould of The Collector's Room

Milena Brown, Fine Art, Marketing, Artists

Milena Brown

Managing Director

Vanessa Bozdogan, Fine Art, Marketing, Artists

Vanessa Bozdogan

Art Coordinator

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