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Diana Herrera

Diana Herrera, a transdisciplinary artist hailing from Colombia, has traversed various countries, leaving her creative mark wherever she goes. With formative years spent in England and a significant period of 17 years in Argentina, she emerged as one of the pioneering female muralists in the country, spearheading transformative public art projects. Herrera views street art as a potent tool for societal change and personal transformation, having worked with governments, agencies, and showcased her talent in numerous festivals across Latin America and the USA.

Her art, a fusion of fine art and street art, reflects her diverse cultural background and boundless spirit. Embracing a myriad of disciplines and materials, Herrera's work delves into themes of femininity, spirituality, and human consciousness, resonating with audiences worldwide. Known for her vibrant urban stamp, "Glitter Graffiti," and innovative projects like "Empowering Bombing," she continues to push boundaries through her art, expanding into fashion design and urban performances. Herrera embodies art in its purest form, breathing life into creations that transcend the senses and transport viewers to new dimensions.
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